Beijing Children’s Palace Baidi Accordion Orchestra was established by Tianjin Baidi Musical Instrument Co., Ltd and Beijing Children’s Palace. All the accordions used by the music group are high-class “Baidi” brand ones with echo structure and Italy GAGNONI reeds. Their tone quality is pure and exquisite. The company specially provides bass accordions and others with new structures for the orchestra in order to ensure harmony and accordance of performances.
    1.The orchestra made a debut at Beijing Century Theatre in August 2005, it was big success.
     2.In August 2005 on invitation from Japan Association of Accordion musicians, the orchestra went to Japan and took part in the 4th international accordion festival in Japan, at the same time held a special concert which was highly commended by Japanese accordion musicians.
     3.In August 2006 the orchestra held a special concert at Opera House of People’s Liberation Army. Professor Joan C. Sommers came to China specially to conduct the band herself. She was vice president of CIA Music Committee, president of American Accordionists’ Association and president of Accordionists & Teachers Guild International.
     4.In October 2006 on invitation from Mr. Jacques MORNET, president of National and International Centre of Music and Accordion, the orchestra visited Europe for culture exchange. In France the orchestra held a special concert which was appraised as “music as wonderful as dreaming”.
     5.In August 2007 on invitation from the accordionist competition organizing committee of the 60th Anniversary CIA Coupe Mondiale, the orchestra took part in World Cup Concert performance. At 9:00 pm 15th August, Beijing Children’s Palace Baidi Accordion Orchestra appeared on the stage of the main theater in Holiday inn and gave performance, and was called as “No.1 orchestra in China” for its success. On 17th August the orchestra held a special concert at the Kennedy Arts Performing Center. Mr. Zan Shuixiao, culture atteche to the Embassy of People’s Republic of China in the United States, and other officials watched the concert. After the performance Mr. Zan came to the back stage to congratulate for success and gave a high appraisal.
     6.On 17th August 2008, the orchestra held a special accordion concert in the National Center for the Performing Arts, which was one of culture activities during Beijing Olympic Games. Beijing TV Station broadcasts the concert.

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